Best Alternatives to OrcPub

Best Alternatives to OrcPub

Gaming has always been a trending topic ever since the inception of the cart and digital games. People from all over the globe love to play with other players and have a great time with tabletop games and RPG games.

The Orc pub is one of the most renowned applications on the internet when it comes to gaming. This amazing application made the game seamless and accessible to more players and DMs. Some of the major tools of this application included a combat tracker, spells, monster references, and a character builder. You can even add more features to this application if you want to.

But sadly, this application was discontinued by the developers of this application due to some legal issues which were never disclosed. Fans were heartbroken after the shutting down of Orc pub and were trying to find replacement apps for Orc pub

In case you are one of those fans, we bring you some of the best alternatives to this amazing application that you can access to enjoy similar services. 

Here are the top 8 Orcpub alternatives

  1. Roll 20

This is regarded as one of the best alternatives to Orc pub. This is one of the best platforms and it is very convenient for gamers because of the great user interface that it offers along with the fact that the platform is free for all.

The best thing about this platform is that you can directly run the games in the web browser. You can even find voice clips, voice chat, background songs, character sheets, etc. can also be found here. This amazing website even allows the users certain tools that can help a player to boost his or her storytelling ability with drawing tools.

  1. MapTool

Maptool is a flagship software product of RP tools, it is a Java application that can run on any operating system and offers tons of great features that are very similar to Orc pub. Similar to Orc pub, this application also allows you to play games for free and on a real-time basis. 

Some of the major features of this app include tracking initiative order health, importing custom tokens, loading maps, and saving campaigns.

  1. Rolisteam

This is a virtual tabletop software and is known as one of the best alternatives of Orc pub that are available on the internet. This app allows you to manage tabletop role-playing games with you and your friends without much fuss. The platform offers tons of great features that make sure that you get the best overall gaming experience. 

Some of the major features of this platform are sharing maps, tools to communicate with your friends and other players, images, etc.

The developers of this platform aim to make it a managed RPG game that is as good as any other great RPG game on the internet.

  1. Fantasy Grounds

Being a replacement for an Orc pub is not easy but this amazing website makes it look really simple. This platform offers a unique and exciting experience for each game. The automation part makes the preparation easy and simple so one can simply enjoy the immersive gaming experience. 

Some of the features of this website are maps with a grid system, character sheets, and virtual dice rolling among many others. Originally, the platform was designed to play “dragons and dungeons” but you can also access the pre-loaded content and begin right away once you have bought it.

  1. MiPui

This amazing platform offers a real-time collaboration between multiple authors and this is one of the main reasons behind the popularity of this platform. You can view all of the edits in real-time thanks to the grid-based map editor that works online all the time.

Some of the major features that make this website amazing include undo/redo, the feature where you can resize the grid without having to delete the existing content, pan, and zoom tools, copy and paste, etc. 

These features make this website a hit and user-friendly in the first place. You can access this platform on all of the major web browsers such as Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

  1. Beyond Tabletop

This platform offers the players a specific set of tools that allow them to reinforce their in-person gaming sessions with brilliantly designed, easy to use and access online maps and character sheets. This platform is a real-time application and is compatible with all of the devices. 

The feature that attracts attention is the one where you can easily access character sheets, maps, and other files with the use of a real-time accessible database, something that only Orc pub offered. All in all, it is a great platform for RPG and D&D gamers.

  1. Epic Table

This platform is one of the most trusted alternatives and is a virtual tabletop game, to begin with. It is quite similar to RPG which makes it easy to use. The file-sharing on here is very simple and it also offers hassle-free networking.

All this makes it quite easy for you to play D and D with your remotely available friends. This app makes it possible for you to play any game on your physical tabletop. In a nutshell, it is a great platform for D and D fans.

  1. GM Forge

This virtual tabletop has become one of the trending topics of 2021. The platform requires a meager amount of $30 for access. The good thing is that only one person needs to buy the subscription so that everyone can access the application. 

Some of the major features of this platform include combat tracker, dynamic lightning, full system builder, voice/video chat, network support, map connecting/world maps, etc.

These are some of the best alternatives that one can use in case they want to experience the same services that OrcPub offered. You can find tons of other platforms that also offer great services on the internet without much fuss. 

You can access any one of these to enjoy the games of your choice on any operating system as most of these apps support all operating systems.

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